From the podcast notes:

Today we bring on Dr. James Fadiman, arguably the person responsible for making microdosing magic mushrooms popular. We talk about the current research, the benefits, safety, dosage, set, setting, history and so much more. Ever wanted to try microdosing? Don’t know where to start? Long time microdoser and want to hear the current research and where we are in the industry? Totally skeptical?

Alex tries to play devils advocate on this episode to try to poke holes into the legitimacy of microdosing and we talk about how to create better double blind placebo controlled human clinical trials in the future. Are you of the sub perceptual microdose camp or the above perceptual microdose camp? We argue both sides and give pros and cons for each.

What’s the best way to store your microdoses? What about extraction? What’s the shelf life before they start to loose their potency? Are the stems more potent than the caps? Besides psilocybin and psilocin, what other compounds are in the mushrooms? What about microdosing other species besides Psilocybe cubensis? What’s the future of microdosing psilocybin? Oh you bet we cover all these juicy questions and more in this episode!

It’s a very informative podcast and I recommend it to everybody who interested in microdosing. I learned something new: don’t put your mushrooms in the freezer!

You can hear it here.