Microdosing mushrooms, an esoteric compendium.

Welcome to Myco Micro ONE.

This website is a distillation of our research into microdosing psilocybin and companion compounds. If you are new, or simply curious, the videos are a great place to start.

We are all nodes in the net.

I’ve been microdosing for about 2 months. Late Nov. thru early Jan. I started with the Fadiman protocol – 1 day on, 2 off.  But pretty soon started to let the plant medicine tell me when to dose.  It morphed into 2 days on, one off or 2 off. One week it was 3 on, one off. Then this last week I’ve taken a break simply because it wasn’t calling to me. 

When I dose, I ask the plant med to guide me, direct me in my thoughts and actions.  Sometimes, I listen and sometimes not so much. But this is what I’ve discovered or experienced so far:  Normally during the holiday and winter months I experience depression. This year, I didn’t. Not that I felt excited or uplifted by the season but I didn’t feel the typical depression.  Also, as one with AUD, I’ve found the desire to drink lessening.

I’ll continue to dose as the medicine calls to me as I’m certain subtle changes are occurring in my brain wiring and chemistry and will continue to for some time even if I take a longer break from dosing.


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