Videos we’ve found particularly informative and entertaining.

If you haven’t seen Fantastic Fungi yet, that is your first assignment! It is available on Netflix for free. You can also buy it ($15) at the Fantastic Fungi website.

It has some of the most beautiful time-lapse cinematography I’ve ever seen. It took Louie Schwartzberg fifteen years to make all the nature footage.

The movie is about all things mycological and is a wonderful, life-affirming message of possibility and positivity. I’ve watched it many times.

Mushrooms are our friends and will save the world, if we let them help us.

This is our favorite introductory video about microdosing: The Remarkable Results of Microdosing, featuring James Fadiman.

James Fadiman is one of the country’s foremost authorities on psychelics and microdosing. His protocol for microdosing, one capsule (.05-.2 grams powdered cubensis) every three days, is known as the Beginner’s Protocol, which we recommend if you are a beginner. This is a very informative talk about the benefits of microdosing.

Here’s a new video we just stumbled across (or the YouTube algorithm sent our way). With the exception of the mention of Timothy Leary (who ratted on his friends*), it’s a wonderful video.

*Remember Brian Eno’s 1973 song “Dead Finks Don’t Talk.” Words to live by.

This is an extremely informative interview with Paul Stamets, the world’s greatest and most knowledgeable mushroom evangelists. Luckily, Joe Rogan lets him do most of the talking, something at which Paul is very good. You might also want to check out Paul Stamets’ YouTube channel.

Can plants help people access the intelligence in nature—the “mind of nature”—that we must learn to understand in order to supersede our ecologically destructive habits? This panel features Jeffrey Bronfman, founding member of the União do Vegetal church of the United States; Paul Stamets, master mycologist; Katsi Cook, renowned Mohawk midwife and environmental activist.

Julianne Keu has a whole YouTube channel devoted to microdosing and psychedelics. Here, she discusses the Stamets Protocol for microdosing, which is four days on, three days off for a month or two, with a two-to-four week reset break.

While she advocates getting right into it, we suggest doing the Fadiman Protocol for a month or two before moving to the Stamets Protocol. It is, however, entirely up to you, should you wish to start here.

Lastly, here is a video made by Louie Schwartzberg, who also made the Fantastic Fungi movie.

If everybody in the world watched this movie as they started their day, the world would be a better place. Gratitude, that is the state to which we should all aspire. I’m sure the mushrooms will help us if we let them.